Shortwood near Horsley.

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I have just been asked to find out about someone born in Shortwood in the first half of the nineteenth century. The name Shortwood tells me that the family were nonconformists – Baptists in fact. The original site is no longer in use, the graveyard sadly neglected when I last went and took photographs of all the tombstones there a couple of years ago. Some records do remain for the church which is now situated in the town of Nailsworth so it may be possible to locate ancestors who attended the church.

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  1. charlotte Says:

    hi where in nailsworth are the records you speak of. i spent day at glos archives and found my gggg grandparents are buried in shortwood but they dont have a grave plot plan or map. have you found or seen one please

  2. Liz Jack Says:

    Hi Charlotte
    The records are held at Gloucestershire Archives. They DO have a plan of the graveyard – I have seen it there several times – but it is in an uncatalogued box of records. However, the plan does not exactly relate to the graves that are there now – some graves have been re-used over the years. Email me on with details of who you are seeking and I will see if I can help.

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