We have genealogy books, CDs and historic maps for sale.


There are currently two books for sale.

  • A Rogue’s Gallery – is a book by Elizabeth Jack, published in 2009 by The History Press, containing photographs and details of some prisoners held in Gloucester Gaol in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Discover Gloucestershire Ancestors -Volume 1 is also by Elizabeth Jack and was self- published in March 2012.  It is a guide to the archives that you can find relating to your Gloucestershire ancestors.  Twelve areas have been covered in this volume and each chapter can be purchased individually if you only wish to concentrate on one aspect of your research.  Volume 2 will be available shortly.

Photographic CDs

Gloucestershire and Herefordshire are two beautiful English counties.  Whilst undertaking research, exploring the various corners of glorious Gloucestershire and the surrounding countryside, we saw many lovely sights and decided to capture them and commit them to CD so others could share our pleasure. Our aim was to provide you with a glimpse of the ancient parishes in which your ancestors lived and worked.

  • Gloucestershire CDs  There are four CDs in this series, divided into 1. The Cotswolds, 2. The Severn Vale, 3. The Forest of Dean and Leaden Vale and 4. The South Cotswolds and Vale of Berkeley.
  • Herefordshire CDs  There are 3 CDs in this series.  They are divided into 1. East and North East Herefordshire, 2. North and North West Herefordshire and 3. South and South West Herefordshire.  Because it is central to the county, photographs of the City of Hereford have been included in all three CDs.
During research at Gloucestershire Archives, I came across four books containing photographs and some records of the prisoners held in Gloucester Gaol at the end of the 19th and start of the 20th centuries.  In order to preserve the images and make them available to others, photographs were taken of each mugshot and committed to CD.
  • A Rogue’s Gallery CD  This CD contains almost 800 photographs of prisoners held in Gloucester Gaol together with information on them and their crimes.  It does NOT contain photos or records of ALL prisoners held in the gaol during that period.

Historic Maps

Maps are a great aid to family history research.  These maps have been copied from the original tithe, enclosure or estate maps by Geoff Gwatkin.  The maps come with a list of the land owners, where it exists.