Here I am hoping to include information about various places and events in Gloucestershire; some will just be general information but others will include transcripts of information we have discovered over the years.

Frampton on Severn Graveyard Survey

This survey was undertaken a few years ago, by American genealogist, Margaret Melaney and Elizabeth Jack, plus other occasional helpers.

Shortwood Baptist Burial Ground

Over the years, Liz made several trips to Shortwood and took many photographs. If the name you are seeking is on this list, we may have further information for you.

Nonconformist Churches and Chapels in Gloucestershire

Nonconformist churches and chapels have come, moved, changed their name and vanished over the centuries. This list contains the names and details of those we have been able to find in the records. It needs updating when we can find the time.

Uley Residents c. 1800

In the early 1800s, a member of the Lloyd-Baker family drew maps of Uley and recorded all the people living in the village. This list contains the name of the resident, who else lived in the house and the number of every property shown on the map.

Gloucestershire Regiment

Just some basic information on the regiment so far. We have information to be added on where and when they served and the major battles they fought in.

Severn Bore

Just brief information on a wonderful natural event.