Frampton on Severn churchyard survey

This survey was undertaken by a team of volunteers during 2016-2017. Full details of all visible inscriptions from the graves in Frampton on Severn churchyard were recorded and are available to individuals researching their ancestors. Photographs were also taken of each grave and are available, free of charge to researchers. To receive a copy of an entry, contact Liz Jack on Copyright: © Margaret Melaney and Elizabeth Jack, 2017.

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Age at BurialCalculated AgeLocation

Surnames starting with 'A'

ACKLAND , Bill199385C200
ADAMS, Charles Slater190576F20
ADAMS, Eleanor Chadwick191878F20
AGUYLAR, Thomas Edward193374E32
AIREY, Dorothy Nellie1996D110
AIREY, Alfred Ernest1997D110
AITCHISON, Derek John198028E219
ALDER, Jasper182910wB29
ALDER, Mary185184B29
ALDER, Elizabeth186670B29
ALDER, John187472B29
ALDRIDGE, Grace Evelyn197571C175
ALDRIDGE, Percy Henry198376C175
ALDRIDGE, Francis William1996100C190
ALDRIDGE, Ethel Florence197980C190
ALDRIDGE, Queenie May201191C194
ALDRIDGE, Eric Francis200888C194?
ALDRIDGE, Alice Annie198874D35
ALDRIDGE, Benjamin George200292D35
ALDRIDGE, William188156D60
ALDRIDGE, Dorothy Elaine199877F101
ALDRIDGE 135B, Dennis Roy200684F22
ALLEN, Herbert186230A95
ALLEN, John186976A95
ALLEN, Harriot187991A95
ANDERSON, Helen Barbara200688F75
ANDREWS, Hannah Maria187918D61
ANDREWS, Ellen Augusta194989E121
ANDREWS, Charles194382E121
ANDREWS, Albion George191266E144
ANSLOW, Stanley201187C188A
ASH, Jonquil Helen201486C200
ASH, John201489C200
ATTRIDGE, Emma Jane194260E110
ATTRIDGE, Charles Henry194771E110
ATTRIDGE, Joseph196152E211
ATTRIDGE, Emma1942E211
AUSTEN, Ivan H. D.199789D85
A…, JosephE92

Surnames starting with 'B'

B., E.1809C28
B., M.1825C28
BAILEY, Barbara
BAILEY, Eric James201468
BAILEY, Thomas177851A70
BAILEY, Elizabeth176759A70
BAILEY, James178220A70
BAILEY, JamesInfA70
BAILEY, SarahInfA70
BAILEY, Thomas183579A70
BAILEY, Sheila E201371B54B
BAKER, June1998D91
BALDWIN, Reginald198578D80
BALDWIN, Florence199274D80
BALLINGER, Susan187775B65
BALLINGER, John187672B65
BANKS , Elaine Marie200647C200
BARGE, Charles195573E91
BARLOW, Dorothy198978D79
BARNARD, Elizabeth1845C16
BARNARD, John179654C17
BARNARD, Margaret180768C17
BARNARD, Elizabeth Fryer186460C29
BARNARD, GeorgeC29
BARNARD, ElizabethC29
BARNARD, Thomas174958C68
BARNARD, Elizabeth176466C68
BARNARD, Ann179256C68
BARNARD, Thomas180867C68
BARNARD, Sophia183760C68
BARNARD, Caroline184030C68
BARNARD, Eleanor184126C68
BARNARD, Thomas184476C68
BARNARD, Elizabeth188272C69
BARNARD, Thomas Bellamy188776C69
BARNARD, Mary189986C69
BARNARD, Thomas1786C70
BARNARD, Margaret1802C70
BARNARD, Elizabeth182062C72
BARNARD, James183976C72
BARNETT, Edith Emily197677C176
BARNETT, William SidneyC176
BARR, Margaret Thompson194984E179
BARRETT, Joseph187877A94
BARRETT, Elizabeth187069A94
BARRETT, Joseph Daniel187445A94
BARRETT, Sarah186958C28
BARRETT, Thomas192130D62
BARRETT, Rachel Eliza18956D62
BARRETT, John P.193957E43
BARTER, Laurence' J. P.199585D108
BARTON, Crosbie190257E146
BATEMAN, Colin Edward198144C123
BATEMAN, Doris Alethea198471D57
BATEMAN, Frederick William200392D57
BATEMAN, Edwin John195986E205
BATEMAN, Florence196987E205
BAYLISS, Charles Thomas194464E70
BAYLISS, Sophia Ellen195874E70
BAYLISS, William John193787F23
BAYLISS, Gertrude195389F23
BAYLISS?, Robert Ernest?E71
BAYLISS?, ? James194418?E71
BEARD, Rose Aminta196985C138
BEARD, William197486C138
BEARD, Samuel William George200485C138
BEARD, Lavinia Ann191374F14
BEARD, Harry Victor191044F14
BENNETT, Thomas188375B73
BENNETT, William181758C162
BENNETT, Hannah179234C164
BENNETT, WilliamC164
BENNETT, Betty17925mC164
BENNETT, Sarah180315C164
BENNETT, Jane18045C164
BENNETT, Mary18058C164
BENNETT, Edith187210mC27
BENNETT, Frederick WilliamC27
BENNETT, George183863C34
BENNETT, Ann185474C34
BENNETT, Eliza182513mC34
BENNETT, Robert184434C34
BENNETT, Charles186444C34
BENNETT, Charles William190976F13
BERRY, Frank198364D84
BERRY, Frederick199875D88
BERRY, Irene201385D88
BERRY, Harry196376E105
BERRY, Emma Jane196669E105
BETTERIDGE, Emily Louisa195261E124
BETTERIDGE, Bertram Thomas196778E124
BETTERIDGE, Frank Selwyn1955E164
BETTERIDGE, Rosina1949E164
BETTERIDGE, Linda Ivy194129E177
BEVAN, Thomas1739C30
BEVAN, Sarah1725C30
BIRCH, Hilda Mary197070C166
BIRCH, Maurice198482C166
BIRCH, Frances Louisa198085C187
BIRCH, Joan200071D40
BIRCH, Frederick William200282D40
BIRCH, Mavis199055D71
BIRCH, Stanley Francis201386D71
BIRCH, George William201075F58
BIRCH, Kenneth Maurice200776F73
BIRT, Derek William 199667A48
BISLEY, Doris2003101C194?
BLACKETT, Florence May198462D83
BLAKE, Thomas192466F27
BLAKE, Ann193871F27
BLANCH, Aline Grace201181E96
BLANTON, Thomas182170A73
BLANTON, Mary183585A73
BLANTON, Hannah181426A79
BLANTON, William184059A79
BLEWITT, Walter Frederick200176C194
BLEWITT, Hazel Jean201486C194
BLOMFIELD, Charles James192872E160
BLOMFIELD, Henriette193168E160
BODNUM, James184061C63
BODNUM, Sarah187986C63
BOLTON, Thomas 1939F40
BOLTON, Nora1982F40
BOLTON, Thomas1939F41?
BOLTON, Nora1982F41?
BOND, MaryC103
BOND?, Mary177468C48
BOSWORTH, Thomas187750C195
BOULTBEE, Joseph Hugh197168C141
BOULTBEE, Dorothy2005C141
BOULTON, William189281D1
BOULTON, Ann189280D1
BRADFORD, Thomas174880A35
BRADFORD, Esther1731A35
BRADFORD, Mary177764?A35
BRADFORD, John178176A35
BRADLEY, Francis Hugh194761E178
BRADLEY, Samuel193379E187
BRADLEY, Elizabeth Ann193384E187
BRADLEY, Percy John197180E217
BRAND, William1793C10
BRAND, Henry1799C10
BRAZINGTON, David Albert199761D115
BRAZINGTON, Mabel Annie196361E129
BRAZINGTON, Albert Edward198684E129
BRAZINGTON, Les200979F111
BREACH, C H (Sim)199177C194
BREACH, Olive200274C194
BRINKWORTH, Howard J.B.199380D18
BRINKWORTH, Agnes Mary (Molly)199580D18
BRINKWORTH, Charlotte195477E186
BRINKWORTH, Joseph Henry Hart196089E186
BRINKWORTH, Harold William198386E194
BRINKWORTH, Julian Roderick200549E194
BROADLEY, Robert196735F92
BROADLEY, Olive Celia201082F92
BROUMPTON, Leslie Richard199184D73
BROWN, Hannah187880C135
BROWN, William188184C135
BROWN, Ada LilianC148B
BROWN, Mary186051C47
BROWN, James184677C65
BROWN, Amelia184910C65
BROWN, Mary184180C66
BROWN, Anne184182C66
BROWN, Sarah184581C66
BROWNING, Mary1842?1A81
BROWNING, George Henry18451y 8mA81
BROWNING, Eliza184625A81
BROWNING, Daniel184728A81
BROWNING, SamuelInfA81
BROWNING, Lydia173630B37
BROWNING, WilliamB37
BROWNING, William185641C202
BROWNING, Mary187969C202
BROWNING, Caleb189958C202
BROWNING, Susannah190565C202
BROWNING, Thomas188366C203
BROWNING, Esther189161C203
BROWNING, John185137C204
BROWNING, Mary Dyer18534C204
BROWNING, John Thomas191055F37
BROWNING, Ellen192572F37
BROWNING, Arnold Tom191234F37
BUBB, Elizabeth187341A92
BUBB, Jane Eliza188566A92
BUBY, Lionel S193958E64
BUBY, Ellen193755E64
BUCKINGHAM, Hannah172863B8
BUCKINGHAM, [Seamore]170956B8
BUCKINGHAM, Sarah179550?B8
BUCKLEY, John 199059D29
BULL, George2012F40
BULL, George2012F41?
BULLEY, John200077D65
BURNHAM, Constance1977102C178
BURR, Henry Alfred Humphrey187732D16
BURR, John187772D17
BURR, Sarah188578D17
BURROWS, E M196082E202
BUSHELL, Amy199373F97
BYARD, Ian19983939C200
BYRNE, Rosa199961F96

Surnames starting with 'C'

CALWAY, JamesA62
CALWAY, Sarah MaryA62
CALWAY, Laura18695A62
CALWAY, Minnie18692A62
CALWAY, Fanny187619A62
CALWAY, Hester187878A62
CALWAY, Herbert18701A62
CAMM, Ellen Mary195690C117
CAMM, Martin197479C171
CAMM, Florence199287C171
CAMM, Alec Theodore200981C91
CAMM, Hilda Muriel201583C91
CAMM, Annie Laura191547F34
CAMM, Oliver Theodore193970F34
CANNING, Esther Verny17971A11
CANNING, John179841A11
CANNING, Ann181156A11
CANNING, Mary184556A11
CANTER, Elizabeth17655C23
CANTER, Elizabeth178865C23
CANTER, Joseph1791C23
CAREFIELD, Mary174160C8
CAREFIELD, William177438?C9
CAUSON, Frederick Fennell197271C170
CAUSON, Frances Ethel197575C170
CAUSON, Mildred195076E183
CAUSON, Thomas195887E183
CAVE, William188670D10
CAVE, Elizabeth188775D10
CHAPMAN, James195273E184
CHARLES, Rueben190686F98
CHARLES, Elizabeth184625F98
CHARLES, Charlotte190083F98
CHEESMAN, Frank198994C194
CHELL, Allen200974F113
CLARK, Ann?1808?A27
CLARK, John18104mA27
CLARK, Esther188219wA27
CLARK, [John?]?1885?41A27
CLARK, Richard185585A27
CLARK, Richard182318A27
CLARKE, Thomas181056A69
CLARKE, Elizabeth182873A69
CLARKE, David Timothy198626D78
CLARKE, Ian Brandon200042D78
CLARKE, Hugh William193456E61
CLARKE, William190673F18
CLAY, Elizabeth Teasdale194187E109
CLAY, CharlesE109
CLEMENTS, Caroline18544A75
CLEMENTS, Catharine186148A75
CLEMENTS, William Lodge186525A75
CLEMENTS, Stephen C.199133D43
CLICK, James187771B70
CLICK, Ann188772B70
CLICK, MaryB70
CLIFFORD, Henry Clifford81B19
CLIFFORD, Marianne188872B19
CLIFFORD, Henry JohnB19
CLIFFORD, Henry James189151B21
CLIFFORD, (Cicely?) EleanorB22
CLIFFORD, Henry Clifford186771B26
CLIFFORD, Mabel Constancen.d.E81
CLISSOLD, Samuel183253C83
CLISSOLD, Samuel184935C83
CLISSOLD, Hester35?C83
CLISSOLD, Thomas185841C83
CLUTTERBUCK, Emily7777C200
CLUTTERBUCK, Douglas8888C200
COLE , Lillian Grace201089D122
COLE , Jack Lindsay201090D122
COLES, Helen Rosemary19686mE204
COLEY, Sarah176763C76
COLEY, Joseph178885C76
COLLEY, James169242A26
COLLIER, Jean Mary201282
COLLINS, Samuell?1802?77C33
COLLINS, Joan?1782?C33
COLLIS, Hubert199780D114
COOK, T? & T
COOK, Eldred Gaythorne198057C131
COOK, Peggy Doreen200772C131
COOK, Mark189373D35
COOK, Hannah189475D36
COOK, Winifred198572D79
COOK, Catherine195328E171
COOK, Leslie196643E171
COOK, Teresa200467F49
COOK, TonyF49
COOLE, Joyce Evelyn201182
COOLE, Martin Sidney201285
COOLE, WilliamC115
COOLE, LauraC115
COOLE, William188751C117
COOLE, Laura190466C117
COOLE, Edwin18341mC121
COOLE, William Henry Hinder183415mC121
COOLE, Mary187076C121
COOLE, Peter187980C121
COOLE, Annie Laura1865?6mC121
COOLE, Frederick197681C177
COOLE, Helen Gertrude198587C177
COOLE, Lydia Harriet193269E137
COOLE, William193573E137
COOLE, William M195967E150
COOLE, Lizzie198992E150
COOLE, Florrie196264E156
COOLE, Edgar R198382E156
COOLE, George Drew190272F5
COOLE, Anne192593F5
CORLETT, Ronald Douglas198856D52
COTTLE, Fredrick William196677F119
COTTLE, Ethel197686F119
CRACKNELL, Penelope Linda200486D66
CRACKNELL, Penelope Lydia200486F43
CROOME, John181966C99
CROOME, Mary185394C99
CROSS, William Edward198063C153
CROSS, Clarice201390C153
CROSS, Andrew Kenneth198636C153
CROSS, Richard Charles198629C153
CURRY, Elizabeth Clara199369D96
CURRY, DesmondD96
C[LIFFORD], H200386B20

Surnames starting with 'D'

DALTON, Gwyn Irfon198967C194
DANDO, Marjorie Beatrice200085D96
DANDO, Boyd199380D97
DANDO, Annie Dorothy196647E88
DANDO, Roger Thomas19545E89
DANDO, Stanley199374E90
DANIELS, John182622C61
DANIELS, John184677C61
DANIELS, Phoebe185785C61
DARK, George193276E57
DARK, Elizabeth Ann194183E57
DAVIES, Martha190074A86
DAVIS, Malcolm Roderick201570
DAVIS, Doris Mildred Helen197071C139
DAVIS, Christopher197575C139
DAVIS, Thomas Guy183749C52
DAVIS, Henry184246C52
DAVIS, Harriett185156C52
DAVIS, Richard181725C54
DAVIS, Thomas181139?C84
DAVIS, Ann184367C84
DAVIS, Gilbert196468E130
DAVIS, Lilian1989E130
DAVIS, Olive194462E191
DAVIS, Audrey Elizabeth193818mE36
DAVIS, Mervyn Oliver198768E80
DAVIS, Robert195462E85
DAVIS, Gertrude Mary197381E85
DAVIS, Alice191069F126
DAW, Annie Precilla186616A72
DAW, Eliza Mann18765A72
DAW, Charlotte188451A72
DAW, WilliamA72
DAW, James184581A74
DAW, Mary185075A74
DAW, Jane183723?A74
DAW, Caleb183721A74
DAW, Caleb185418A77
DAW, Elizabeth186555A77
DAW, Henry187466A77
DAW, George184610?A77
DAW, Winifred Blanche196662C194
DAW, Albert Edward198280C194
DAW, Sarah1748C30
DAW, Hester177024C31
DAW, Samuel177221C31
DAW, Samuel177063C31
DAW, Sarah1798?72?C31
DAWE, William David192354F115
DAWE, Maria195181F115
DAY, Jane196383E101
DAY, Georgina Kate197564E101
DAY, William Charles Samuel196355E78
DAY, Georgina Kate197564E78
DE LISLE BUSH, Godfrey200286F53
DIMMOCK, Alan Frederick199873C182
DINGLEY, Samuel Richard190469E2
DOLTON, William Robert201472
DOWLING, Leslie Edward (Jack)199081D49
DOWNTON, Conrad Michael1985D53
DRAYTON, Herbert Charles194959E163
DRAYTON, Rose Ann196881E163
DRAYTON, Leslie Claude197353E163
DRAYTON, Dorothy Kathleen201193E163
DRAYTON, Nancy RuthF27
DUNN, Elizabeth181228C40
DUNN, ThomasC40
DUNN, Denis188943C57
DUNN, Elizabeth189271C57
DUNN, Samuel189431C57
DUNN, Thomas190690C57
DUNN, Daniel N S190756C57
DUNN, Charles189147C58
DUNNE, Louise19791 yearE103
DUNNE, John Joseph198254E104
DUNNE, Phyllis Mary201584E104

Surnames starting with 'E'

EAKETTS, Neil James201342
EAKETTS, James196877C86
EAKETTS, Laura197681C86
EAKETTS, Frederick Walter Henry201082F57
EDMUNDS, William180251C88
EDMUNDS, Mary180952C88
EDWARDS, Cecil Eddie200384C152
EDWARDS, Dorothy Phyllis200788C152
ELY, Mary1846A63
ESPADA, Lydia Grace Marquez1999D42
EVANS, Charles186767B32
EVANS, Mary Ann187361B32
EVANS, Alice Elizabeth187526B32
EVANS, Catherine18373y 5mB32
EVANS, Hannah182914?B46
EVANS, Sarah183142B46
EVANS, George186777B46
EVANS, George187659B46
EVANS, Margaret1818B47
EVANS, Maria188558B47
EVANS, ThomasB47
EVANS, HenryB47
EVANS, Sophia187581C100
EVANS, Rhys Lloyd199590D100
EVANS, Maud200490D100
EVANS, Winnie May200495D101
EVANS, David J198164E180A
EVANS, John189875F123
EVANS, Louisa190273F123

Surnames starting with 'F'

FELCE, Ellen197574C174
FELCE, Henry Edward197774C174
FLAMMGER, Virginia198172C151
FLATCHER, Thomas176138C110
FLETCHER, William176228C112
FLETCHER, Nebo198283C183
FORD, William174161C14
FORD, Ann1730?51C14
FORD, John174535?C14
FORD, John17426wC14
FORD, Mary188156C78
FORD, John Tilley191091C78
FORDHAM, Linda Dorothy198175C185
FOWLES, Marston197952C157
FRANKLIN, Albert JamesE21
FRANKLIN, Ellen1933E21
FRANKLIN, Ronald Wells196038E99
FRANKLIN, Doreen Molly200683E99
FRANKS, R G (John)199464C172
FRAPE, Emily185627B83
FRAPE, John FrederickB83
FRAPE, Ann184885B86
FRAPE, Alfred184313B86
FRAPE, John185185B86
FRAPE, GilesB86
FRAPE, MaryB86
FREDERICKS, William E.J.196459E54
FREETH, Clayton James190115F3
FROUD, Rosina190162F99
FROUD, Charles190486F99
FROUD, Elizabeth194487F99
FRYER, Joseph Walter201290F8

Surnames starting with 'G'

GAINEY, Tom199385D2
GAINEY, Winnie199591D2
GARDINER, Edward17151mC37
GARDINER, John1744?23C37
GARDINER, Rosamund174223C37
GARDINER, John William192876E27
GARDINER, Ellen193178E27
GARDNER, Egbert John201285
GARDNER, Annie Rosina199794F100
GARDNER, Frederick Charles196571F94
GAZELY, Matilda192681E6
GEORGE, Elizabeth180521B35
GEORGE, John182676B36
GIBB, John Halliday194361E112
GIBB, Julia Alice195673E112
GIBBS, Vanessa Jane200036D41
GILBERT, Mary181660B77
GLEED, William189253D24
GLEED, Robin Harold198865D77
GLEED, Ethel200990D77
GLEED, William JE157
GLEED, Constance RE157
GLEED, Constance Mary195537E200
GLEED, Ernest William193669E56
GLEED, Mary193167E56
GOATMAN, Newbury John18706m
GOATMAN, Clara Jane18736m
GOATMAN, Charles18116wC133
GOATMAN, John186272C133
GOATMAN, Richard186070C149
GOATMAN, Suzanna187786C149
GOATMAN, John188248C80
GOATMAN, Helen191872C80
GODFREY, Mary183383A6
GODFREY, James183280A6
GODFREY, Sarah187880C60
GODFREY, PhoebeC60
GODWIN, Agnes Ellen192311mF15
GOODLET, Elizabeth197973C188
GOODMAN, Ada192874E6
GOODMAN, William Henry195896E6
GOULDING , Joyce201378C92
GRANGE, Sylvia200148D64
GREENING, Thomas177445A10
GREENING, Hester180282A10
GREENWAY, Walter Robert 'Bob'200976B75
GREENWAY, Gertrude Theodora193150E40
GREENWAY, Edward194770E40
GRIFFIN, John179561A36
GRIFFIN, Elizabeth179161A36
GRIFFIN, Beatrice Eveline195772A44
GRIFFIN, Thomas Henry195776A45
GRIGG, Francis HD14
GRIST, William Ernest "Bill"2011
GUY, Thomas1786A63
GUY, Elizabeth1802A63
GUY, Thomas174283A66
GUY, AnnA66
GUY, James185514mA76
GUY, Hannah188871A76
GUY, James189983A76
GUY, Rebecca184355A82
GUY, JohnA82
GUY, John183920A82
GUY, George184216A82
GUY, Mary180052A84
GUY, Thomas183075A84
GUY, Jane189438A86
GUY, Henry James190953A86
GUY, Mary Ann191352A86
GUY, Elsie Jane193949E50
GUY, Gwendoline Martha194056E50
GYMER, Alan John193926E138
GYMER, VioletE138
GYMER, Beryl200989E138
GYMER, Walter Edward195065E139
GYMER, Mabel198498E139
GYMER, Basil Charles200487E139

Surnames starting with 'H'

HAILES, Ada E198955C194
HAILES, Reg. L.201482C194
HALE, Thomas190665F17
HALLING, Hilda May199988D117
HALLING, William Thomas200170D117
HALLING, Jasper Wager1899D123
HALLING, William James198481D81
HALLING, Ruby Violet198879D81
HALLING, William192777E25
HALLING, Georgina193071E25
HALLING, William1964E25
HALLING, Harry Winchcombe193150E38
HALLING, Frank W1980E4
HALLING, Margaret1982E4
HAMMOND, Annie Maria192359F62
HAMMOND, John William193473F62
HANNA, Sheila Henrietta199986F104
HARRIS, William Hardwick192270F30
HARRIS, Sarah Ann194889F30
HARVEY, Louisa193480E46
HATHAWAY, Mary Olive 201476
HATHAWAY, Keith 201074
HAW---, Thomas1796C104
HAWKER, Thomas193769
HAWKER, William (Bill)198576
HAWKER, Thomas190771A31
HAWKER, Joseph Guy189826A31
HAWKER, William1904?A31
HAWKER, Alfred John18987620A31
HAWKER, Annie Maria183761A31
HAWKER, Edwin192688E5
HAWKER, Joanna193585E5
HAWKER, Dorcas Ann194383F22
HAWKINS, Sarah17005wC13
HAWKINS, John171475C13
HAWKINS, Jeremiah171418C13
HAWKINS, Elizabeth172614C13
HAWKINS, Samuel175849C13
HAWKINS, Elianor1726/720C13
HAWKINS, Deborah1726C13
HAWKINS, Thomas182861C64
HAWKINS, Elizabeth180136?C64
HAWKINS, Elizabeth182828C64
HAWKINS, Ann181134C64
HAWKINS, Jane18178C64
HAWKINS, Susannah183126C64
HAWKINS, Charles Henry190356F102
HAZELL, Ralph T.198990D50
HAZELL, Vera Louisa198378D58
HAZELL, William191956F32
HAZELL, Susann.d.F32
HEARN , Eileen201272C200
HEARN , Brian201378C200
HEIRON, Richard187671B30
HEIRON, RichardB31
HEIRON, Charles186733B31
HENSLEY, Janet Evelyn199649D109
HENSLEY, Jane Blundell199076D31
HENSLEY, Shane Paul199023D46
HERBERT, David George197480C199
HERBERT, Ivy Henrietta199292C199
HERBERT, Thomas 1924F40
HERBERT, Thomas1924F41?
HEWER, Ernie200970C200
HEWER, Nancy May201373C200
HEWINGS, Daisy198859E218
HEWINGS, Norman200574E218
HEWINGS, Lee200_0E218
HEWINGS, Lan200_0E218
HEWLETT, Mary Ann179814mA1
HEWLETT, Sarah181758A1
HEWLETT, William182524A1
HEWLETT, William183575A1
HEWLETT, Ann180745?A2
HEWLETT, Richard184179A2
HEWLETT, John184452A2
HEWLETT, Daniel1763A3
HEWLETT, George192976A91
HEWLETT, Edith E194286A91
HEWLETT, Elsie194957A91
HEWLETT, Edward187672B82
HEWLETT, Mary Ann187870B82
HEWLETT, Emma Margaret192175B82
HEWLETT, Thomas192886B82
HEWLETT, Thomas Joseph200576B82
HICKMAN, Winifred Doris195944E149
HICKMAN, William Charles19(83)?E149
HILL, Margaret Ann188629B32
HILL, Michael John200741C148
HILL, Charlie199476C194?
HILL, Henry G.197661E34
HILL, Brian197915E34
HILL, Leslie201479E34
HILL, Bernard200672E48
HITCHINS, Clara Jane193574E1
HITCHINS, Frank Arthur195888E1
HITCHINS, Minnie194364E111
HOBBS, Thomas187853A96
HOBBS, Elizabeth191484A96
HOBBS, Ann184973C160
HOBBS, Ann184331C160
HOBBS, Thomas184967C160
HOBBS, James184413C160
HOBBS, Arabella Mary18543y 3mC193
HOBBS, George Henry18548mC193
HOBBS, Jane Maria18546y 9mC193
HOBBS, Eliza187456C193
HOBBS, George188566C193
HOBBS, Brian197282C197
HOBBS, Beatrice198596C197
HOBBS, Patience187871F42A
HOBBS, Edwin185919F42A
HOBBS, George187744F42A
HOBBS, Charles188477F42A
HODDER, James192176F33
HODDER, Emma191565F33
HOGBEN, Ronnie199874F103
HOGBEN, Dorothy199975F103
HOGG, Winifred Irene200287D118
HOGG, Henry195076E166
HOGG, Fanny197495E166
HOGG, W T1960E207
HORNER, William186781B68
HORNER, Amelia188186B68
HOUSTON, Stuart McKean200953C200
HOWARD-FLANDERS, Helena Nada199982D92
HOWARTH, Vera M.200087C181
HUDD, Vera Joyce198064C130
HUGGINS, Evelyn Mary190411mos.F7
HUGHES, Sarah1785C33
HUGHES, SarahC33
HULBERT, Harriet185432A12
HULBERT, Henry188266A12
HULBERT, Elizabeth189989A12
HUMPHRIS, Edmund184719C165
HUNT, Reginald H. J.197277C194
HUNT, Lilian C.198788C194
HUNT, Henry A201484C194
HUNT, Elizabeth190164D116
HUNT, Moses191675D116
HUNT, Elizabeth190164D125
HUNT, Moses191675D125
HUNT, Dorothy1989E102
HUNT, Leslie197070E45
HUNT, ThomasinfantE45
HUNT, Walter Edward195570E95
HUNT, Annie Maria195976E95
HUNTER, Rev. Dr. John201489

Surnames starting with 'J'

JAMES, Charles185570C143
JAMES, Mary184013C143
JAMES, MaryC143
JAMES, Samuel Phelps184213C143
JENNINGS, Thomas178756C3
JENNINGS, Elizabeth182288C3
JENNINGS, William Arthur191539F81
JENSON, Ethel Frances1866E83
JENSON, C.H.1888?E83
JOHNSON, Henry A J (Jack)199670D111
JONES, Beatrice201494
JONES, Leslie Hugh200886
JONES, Gwendoline Treasure198379C124
JONES, Constance Amy195071E167
JONES, Christopher Treasure195882E167
JONES, John 194049E52
JONES, Thomas191174F15
JONES, Mary Ester192789F15
JONES, Thomas James 195792F15

Surnames starting with 'K'

KEARSE, William190776F125
KEATING, Isabella1865B78
KELLEHER, Joan Rosaleen200487F48
KEMP, Frances197677E155
KERMODE, Peter Derwent200781C146
KEYES, William179366C120
KEYES, John179135C120
KING, Mary184654B55
KING, Daniel185572B55
KING, Mary183350B55
KING, Amanda Ann18421y 5mB56
KING, Daniel184430B56
KING, Ann188572B56
KING, John184433B58
KING, Ronald StephenC200
KING, AndrewC200
KING, JohnC33
KING, MaryC33
KINGSCOTE, Amelia197550C135
KNIGHT, Susan Emma189229C115
KOELTGEN, Barbara Jeanne201080F114
KOELTGEN, Aloys201483F114
K…?, MaryC105

Surnames starting with 'L'

LAIDLAW, James185913B12
LANDER, Daniel199568D104
LANDER, Gladys201086E41
LANDER, Daniel193653E63
LANDER, Violet195065E63
LANDER, Ernest 195938E63
LANE, Arthur Charles196879C85
LAW, Ida Matilda198594C194
LAW, Robert W.198265C194
LAWRENCE, Esther180436C25
LAWRENCE, Thomas182861C25
LAWRENCE, Ann183677C25
LAYHE, Lois Camille Marigold199510D106
LEA, Elvena (Ve)200776C155A?
LEA, Cliff200883C155A?
LEACH, JosiahE208
LEACH, MabelE208
LEACH, StanleyE208
LEACH, HaroldE208
LEACH, VictorE208
LEACH, James Reginald196721F65
LEACH, Reginald James199586F66
LEACH, Phyllis Beatrice200488F66
LEADBEATER, Brian201279C189
LEADBEATER, William Henry195451E87
LEADBEATER, Annie E (Ciss)196357E87
LEADBETTER, Margaret (Peg)198958C194
LEMON, Robert200682F74
LENNOX-BROWNE, Otho197985C158
LEWIS, Eveline198579A45
LEWIS, Mary196072D62
LODGE, Mary Ann185855?C107
LODGE, Hannah1843?59C107
LODGE, William1868?87C107
LODGE, Nancy178821C108
LODGE, Hannah179015C108
LODGE, James17966C108
LODGE, Philip180111?C108
LODGE, JamesC108
LODGE, AnnC108
LODGE, James180763C109
LODGE, Ann181570C109
LODGE, Thomas181532C109
LODGE, Susannah182238C109
LONGNEY, Rosamund Rhoda18251C93
LONGNEY, Samuel183621C93
LONGNEY, Walter186477C93
LONGNEY, Sarah186282C93
LONGNEY, Frances188028D20
LONGNEY, Harriot194996E193
LONGSTRETH, Richard1756B60
LORD, Raymond Sydney198154C125
LORD, Ernest (Ivor)199572D102
LORD, Derek Joe200663F82
LUCAS, Mary18805555A59
LUCAS, PeterA59
LYMON, HenryB31

Surnames starting with 'M'

MACDONALD, Hamish Armitage19323dE161
MACKAY, Ralph Alexander188615
MACKAY, Charles18867
MALAN?, Florence Lilian18768dB74
MALPAS, Daniel188362D21
MALPAS, Asenath190174D21
MARSTERS, Kathleen Doris196253E212
MARSTERS, Joseph Harold197868E212
MATTHEWS, Martin Paul200862F72
MAULE, Vera Evelyn199374D98
MAULE, Frank199583D98
MAY, Daphne Elisabeth198046C127
MAY, Harry200778C127
McGAW, Muriel Violet199381D19
MCKENZIE, Pamela Rosita200488F47
MCKENZIE, Kenneth Malcolm198372F47
McNEILL, Mollie199170C184
MEACHAM, Leila201178F9
MEADOWS, William Edwin195077E182
MEADOWS, Kate Elizabeth195376E182
MEEK, Mary201281F63
MEEK, Cliff Albert200882F71
MERREFIELD, Mary Janet199071E70
MERREFIELD, Francis199888E70A
MERRETT, Elizabeth173044A8
MERRETT, Joseph17316A8
MERRETT, William18146wA9
MERRETT, Charlotte18217wA9
MERRETT, John184672A9
MERRETT, Ann184665A9
MERRETT, William186136A9
MERRETT, Margaret188262A9
MERRETT, John187153A9
MERRETT, Edwin Charles (Bob)1994C173
MERRETT, William186136C40
MERRETT, Gertrude199088D8
MEYRICK, Ivor David200872F77
MILAN, Rosalyn Jean200092D94
MILAN, Dimitri1953D94
MILAN, MichaelD94
MILAN, JonathanD94
MILAN, SimonD94
MILLARD, John George200479C194?
MILLARD, Maisie Laurina201687C194?
MILLARD, John196061E152
MILLARD, Maggie198079E152
MILLARD, Albert Wilfred 200678E153
MILLARD, Evelyn201278E153A
MILLER, Jack197286B25
MILLER, Hilda197286B25
MILLER, Sarah191634F55
MILLETT, Eleanor188385D15
MILLS, Walter Harold197877C192
MILLS, Dorothy199289C192
MILLS, Edward183686C56
MILLS, Elizabeth183343C56
MILLS, John188099y 9mC56
MILLS, James185527C56
MILLS, Charles186144C56
MILLS, Ann184284C56
MILLS, Ann1842?28C56
MILLS, Mary184615C56
MILLS, Mark194483E113
MILLS, Flora Ellen194784E113
MINCHIN, Gladys 196464E102
MITCHELL, Frank Richard201580
MORGAN, William Edward187536C20
MORGAN, Emma184143C21
MORGAN, Edward186867C21
MORGAN, John180830C32
MORGAN, Elizabeth184579C32
MORGAN, EdwardInfC32
MORGAN, ThomasInfC32
MORGAN, Solomon184239C32
MORGAN, Sarah185156C32
MORGAN, William Frederick Holmes192782E24
MORGAN, William Henry191841E24
MORGAN, Edgar CharlesE24
MORGAN, Jane193692E24
MORGAN, John Thomas193173E37
MORGAN, Mary Elizabeth193683E37
MORGAN, Maria190183F1
MORGAN, Henry190887F1
MORRIS, Jane1873B77
MORRIS, Rosemary Ann201169F10
MORRIS, Benjamin199080F56
MORRIS, Adeline Margaret200898F56
MORRISON, Marie (Muftiah)198973D33
MORTON, Donald Andrew1941infantE56
MORTON, Claire199287E56
MOWATT, Patrick Sean200845F45
MOWATT , NanettaF59
MULLIGAN, Michael201073E39?
MULLIGAN, Michael201073F11
MURRAY, Peter Colin197035B28
MURRAY, Campbell Patrick196865B28
MURRAY, Phyllis Ulrika Rachel197470B28
MURRAY, Isabel Ruth Mary200093F105

Surnames starting with 'N'

NEALE, JohnB70
NEALE, John186180B71
NEALE, Mary186574B71
NEALE, Charles190382F7
NEALE, Emma190376F7
NEVILLE, William199991F50
NEVILLE, Kathleen Mary200392F50
NEWBURY, Thomas184486C134
NEWBURY, Mary185894C134
NICHOLLS, Graham Charles200953C200
NICHOLLS, Vera199763D86
NIXON, Vicnd
NIXON, Marynd

Surnames starting with 'n'

no surname, WilberE154

Surnames starting with 'N'

NORMAN, Jean Elizabeth201477

Surnames starting with 'O'

O'GORMAN, Brian Edwin197979C180
O'GORMAN, Rose Marie1982C180
O'GORMAN, TerryC180
OAKES, Mary Ann183934A82
OAKES, Joan Anne197254C144
OAKES, William200788C144
OPENSHAW-STAYNER, Leonard G G198364C128
ORCHARD, William187680B69
ORCHARD, Hannah188490B69
ORCHARD, Joseph Dowdeswell192293B7
ORCHARD, Sarah Ann192488B7
ORCHARD, Esther Hewlett188257B7
ORCHARD, Frederick18607wB7
ORCHARD, Margaret Elizabeth197492C201
ORCHARD, Sarah Agnes188552C60
ORGAN, ThomasA4
OVERBURY, George196769F95
OVERBURY, Annie197482F95
OVERBURY, Kenneth199068F95

Surnames starting with 'P'

PACKER, Joseph178867B5
PALMER, John William200478F46
PAMPHILLON, Robert Frank195462E86
PARKER, Alicia Clair201628
PARKER, Charles Henry190966D39
PARKER, Elizabeth189547D39
PARKER, Alleen Mary18844y 10mD39
PARKER, Elsie E195973D39
PARKER, Sarah Ann (Sally)199937F106
PARKER-JERVIS, Humphrey 194857E162
PARKER-JERVIS, Helen 1998100E162
PARLOUR, John188957D7
PARSONS, Elizabeth Jane1973102E128
PEACEY, Florence196651F118
PEACEY, Kenneth William199184F118
PEACEY, Isabelle2006F118
PEARCE, John181452B51
PEGRUM, Leonard George Tim199189C194
PENSENEY, Miranda199170C184
PEPPERCORN, Dorothy18803mC67
PEPPERCORN, Alfred Thomas190856E134
PEPPERCORN, Agnes Anne1934E134
PEPPERCORN, Edith MurielE135
PEPPERCORN, Hilda MaryE135
PERKS, Jane187762A85
PERKS, Henry188174A85
PHELPS, David Albert199362C194
PHELPS, Eileen Diana201687C194
PHELPS, Madeline Georgina 199976C200
PHELPS, William Henry199965C200
PHIPPS, Edith Emma194957E180
PHIPPS, Charles Henry197282E180
PHIPPS, Mary Ann193775E190
PHIPPS, Henry194682E190
PHIPPS, Sheila Ann Gale200679F94
PICK, William189858D13
PICK, Jane Blundell1901D13
PICK, Elizabeth189175D6
PICK, Joseph189377D6
PIKE, Trevor Keith George200260D119
PIKE , Brian20024949D121
PINCHING, William Guy192748E159
PITMAN, Anthony Samuel196129E100
PITMAN, Frederick William195855E98
PITMAN, Kathleen Martha193581E98
POLLARD, Terry201062C67A
PORTLOCK, Susannah200243D43A
PORTLOCK, Edwin D199155D68
PORTLOCK, Juanita200978D68
POTTER, Joyce Vivienne200380F52
POTTER, Alfred Francis201594F52
POWELL, Giles184723B86
PREECE, Emily187623C77
PREEDY, John192873E29
PREEDY, Fannie193373E29
PREWETT, William Everett18519mC41
PREWETT, Daniel Everett18524mC41
PREWETT, WilliamC41
PREWETT, HarriettC41
PRICE, John Theodore198170C132
PRICE, Alice Dorothy Christine199183C132
PRIDAY, George189166B30
PRIDAY, Sarah189472B67
PRIDAY, Joseph189660B67
PRIDE, George184570B52
PRIDE, Sarah181348B52
PROUSE, Yvonne Daphne Irene198176C178
PROUT, James191570E3
PROWSE, Hilda Eva197773C178

Surnames starting with 'R'

R?, RichardA78
REA, Thomas18324A60
REA, Frederick18524A60
REA, Mary184047A60
REA, Thomas18875454A60
REA, Thomas187476A60
REA, MaryInfA60
REA, AnneInfA60
REEVES, Mary Annie198079C155
REEVES, Charlie198476C155

Surnames starting with 'r'


Surnames starting with 'R'

REYNOLDS, George181290A29
REYNOLDS, Dorothy199277D4
REYNOLDS, Bob198867D4
RHYS-JONES, Theo200778F110
RICHARDSON, William184774C95
RICHARDSON, Mary180579?C95
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth184376C95
RICHARDSON, John184475C96
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth185960C97
RICKETTS, James1802B34
RICKETTS, Charles183075B34
RICKETTS, John186591B54
RICKETTS, Mary187892B54
RIGAUD, Madame Antoine196095C201
ROBERTS, Deborah Alice2005100D39a
ROBINSON?, RichardB32
ROCHE, Michael197765C161
ROCHE, Michael and FlorC161
ROGERS, Sarah179862C75
ROGERS, RichardC75
ROGERS, Ruby C J18972mF70
ROWLES, Ann179874A5
ROWLES, Mabel Laura196977C115
ROWLES, Peggy M200472C116
ROWLES, Edward John201082C116
ROWLES, Richard William195863C117
ROWLES, Edwin JC117
ROWLES, EffieC117
ROWLES, Elizabeth18512y 9mC194
ROWLES, Elizabeth Webb18588mC194
ROWLES, Samuel188688C194
ROWLES, Elizabeth189373C194
ROWLES, Edwin188280?D12
ROWLES, Mary Ann192078D12
ROWLES, Eliza (GRIGG)188185D14
ROWLES, Richard Tombs189123D37
ROWLES, Edwin John191045D37
ROWLES, Richard Carter Doctor190973F16
ROWLES, Mary Jane192379F16
RUSSELL, William185748C47
RUSSELL, Ann188278C47
RYNVELD, Anneke Anna Cornelia199685C200

Surnames starting with 'S'

SAWYER, Florence199177D69
SAWYER, Robert James200991D69
SCHOLES, Hilda Josephine199988F68
SEEDE, Ann1766B60
SELBY, Monty200368F51
SEYMOUR, ThomasB31
SHARPE, Percy William198062C126
SHARROCK, Gladysnd
SHIELD, James Arthur199278D27
SHIELD, Barbara Lucy200086D27
SHORT, Lily Elizabeth197284C196
SILVEY, William183211wC160
SIMS, Elizabeth Joan198960C194
SIMS, Nellie Louisa195666E96
SIMS, Albert Thomas196168E96
SIMS, Mary Elizabeth195262F62
SIMS, Ernest T.F64
SMITH, Sidney198274C122
SMITH, Lily Margaret200698C122
SMITH, James188169C200
SMITH, James192532?68C200
SMITH, Joseph200586C200
SMITH, Dora Mabel Lily200685C200
SMITH, Selina183813C36
SMITH, Samuel184057C36
SMITH, Rosamund Mills184918C36
SMITH, Ann187990C36
SMITH, James Augustine181130C98
SMITH, Wilhelmina Joan200169D105
SMITH, Catherine Anne199537D107
SMITH, Abigail Tamara198921D51
SMITH, Annie1928E28
SMITH, Hannah Georgina Teasdale193780E66
SMYTH, James Desmond199684D59
SMYTH, Roberta Mary198373D59
SNOW, Miriam Grace201092F60
SOWLE, John185962A90
SOWLE, Maria188483A90
SPARKES, Erica Olive200877F76
SPARKES, Lewis Michael201276F76
SPARROW , Chisholm Edward Hugh "Tim"199789D89
SPARROW , Claire Anne Simonne199887D89
SPARROW , Daphne Margaret Lumsden199888D90
SPARRY, Rose Emma201585
SPENCER, Lily Irene May195740E188
SPENCER, Edith Emma Lucy193520E188
SPENCER, J.E. & M.E.E188
SPENCER, John Ernest191936F39
SPENCER, Martha Eliza196888F39
SPINKS, Annie Martha
St JOHN, Selina C189794B78
ST JOHN, Charlotte Lucy Hamilton190279D23
ST JOHN, Maurice William Ferdinand191481D23
STAPLETON, John 187960D63
STAPLETON, Samuel James187229D63
STAPLETON, Daniel187530D63
STAPLETON, Eliza1883D63
STAPLETON, Samuel James1872D63
STAPLETON, Daniel194153E53
STAPLETON, Edith Maggie196673E53
STARR, Alison Margarita199092D32
STEPHENS, David Robert198539C194
STEPHENS, Michael Harry200968F112
STERRY, Barbara Joyce197868C191
STERRY, Stanley Bert198875C191
STEVENS, Rosemary Lylie198980D76
STEVENS, Elizabeth Jane196080E158
STEVENS, John196283E158
STEWART, William Lyle1982A97
STEWART, Ethel Marian1993A97
STIFF, Henry18304B43
STIFF, James183724B43
STIFF, Nehemiah186464B43
STIFF, Elizabeth187474B43
STIFF, Eleanor185826B43
STIFF, Richard188756B64
STIFF, Ann189275B64
STIFF, Richard187856B66
STIFF, Ann1892?75B66
STITCHMAN, Hazel Rita1989E13
STOCKHAM, Annie Elizabeth194986E165
STOCKHAM, Ada Frances195187E165
STONE, Louisa194578E140
STONE, Arthur195281E140
STUBBS, Edward197049C90
STUBBS, Nellie197051C90
SULLIVAN, Helen Hamidatun200989F83
SUMMERS, Angeline191266F35
SUMMERS, John191771F35
SUMNER, John Harman187282C100
SUMNER, John183888C142
SUMNER, Jane184891C142

Surnames starting with 'T'

TAINTON, Henry Thomas197163C167
TAINTON, Dorothy Maud199183C167
TAINTON, Lily 196064E151
TAINTON, Ernest197984E151
TAINTON, Clara196083E206
TAINTON, Stanley Walter199976E206
TALLBOYS, Ann183138A87
TALLBOYS, Josiah180245A88
TALLBOYS, Betty180523A88
TALLBOYS, John183133A88
TALLBOYS, Elizabeth183883A88
TAYLER, Wilfred Joseph "Dick"201177
TAYLOR, Pamela Mary198043C156
TAYLOR, Frederick195758E82
TAYLOR, Mary1988E82
THOMAS, Primrose Vera199078D70
THOMAS, William James199280D70
THOMPSON, Arthur196651F97
TIDSWELL, Aline189430D23
TILLEY, Charles John Douglas195959E127
TILLING, Frederick Edward197869C159
TILLING, Helen Mary200288C159
TIMBRELL, DavidndC147
TORR, Ellen Bowsher187747D14
TORR, WilliamD14
TOWNSEND, Edith198177A46
TOWNSEND, Arthur198886A46
TOWNSEND, Doreen Beatrice200978A47
TOWNSON, Richard189748D28
TOWNSON, Elizabeth1929D28
TRIGG, Helen Marie196384E215
TRIGG, William Richardson199287E215
TUDOR, Margaret Jean Daphne198158C150
TUDOR, Howard George201492C150
TUDOR, Milton196768F67
TUDOR, Thora198384F67
TURNER, Richard18274mA93
TURNER, Elizabeth187047A93
TURNER, ThomasA93
TURNER, SarahA93
TURNER, Pam201581B54A
TURNER, Thomas Ferguson200567C200
TURNER, Kathleen May 'Kath'201583C200

Surnames starting with 'V'

VALLENDER, Hannah184325C40
VALLENDER, Agnes Bessie189625D30
VALLENDER, Beatrice Mary190024D30
VALLENDER, Phillip Henry190355F6
VALLENDER, Sarah Jane192980F6
VENNER, Isabel Mary Sidebottom193274E174
VENNER, George Edward Sidebottom193465E176
VICK, Frederick Walford190964B16
VICK, Caroline190658B16
VICK, Hannah180725?C113
VICK, Thomas184676C113
VICK, Daniel181918C113
VICK, Elizabeth18296C113
VICK, Hephzibah183818C113
VICK, Mary Elizabeth186884C113
VICK, Douglas Arthur196951C136
VICK, Dorothy Verena197851C136
VICK, Percy197083C137
VICK, Kate Elizabeth197390C137
VICK, Baby Vick1986infD112
VICK, Baby1986infantD124
VIELVOYE 135A, Roland200687F22
VIELVOYE 135A, Betty201090F22

Surnames starting with 'W'

WAINE, Raymond William194120E108
WALKER, Mary Ann187028A76
WALKER, Charles1915E143
WALKER, Adeline Fanny1921E143
WALL, James195377E172
WALL, Alice197397E172
WARD, Samuel186145?B13
WARD, Caroline187248B13
WARD, Joanna187722B14
WARD, Emma187718B14
WARD, Elizabeth187584D15
WARD, Sarah Hodges189540D47
WARD, Richard193280D47
WARD, Kitty193674D47
WARD, Joan JessieE106
WARD, LionelE106
WARD, Samuel190150F2
WARDEN, Liliane Mary Jacqueline200299D120
WATHAN, William Joseph198955C194
WATKINS, Harriet182610B3
WATKINS, Charles Harmer183325B3
WATKINS, Mary185768B3
WATKINS, Joseph185876B3
WATKINS, Joseph Thomas184625B3
WATKINS, Eliza189212B3
WATKINS, Eliza189871B3
WATKINS, James190586B3
WATTS, Guynd
WATTS, James H W185727C1
WATTS, Dorothy201186C155
WATTS, Elizabeth1794C2
WATTS, Mary Ann1798C2
WATTS, George180572C67
WATTS, Sarah180677C67
WATTS, James1809C67
WATTS, Anne190685C67
WATTS, Sarah183743C67
WATTS, John190281E132
WATTS, AnneE133
WATTS, Eliza Kate197271E181
WATTS, Charles Frederick194949E181
WEAVER, Frank192444F63
WEBB, Diones185296C1
WEBB, JohnC1
WEBB, Frank Clarence Cyril198479D56
WEBB, Frances Elizabeth198979D56
WEBB, Albert William200092D93
WEBB, Mary Louise200893D93
WEBB, Ellen197275E128
WEBB, Alexander George196269E128
WEBB, Dennis Arthur200571E128
WEBB, Audrey Evelyn201380E128
WEST, Ray201192D112
WEST, Heather201285D112
WEST, Ray201192D124
WEST, Heather201285D124
WHEELDON, Edith Mary200989F83
WHEELER, Jessie Doris Ethel199485D99
WHEELER, Lottie199576F121
WHERRETT, Anna184025B10
WHERRETT, Charles188482B10
WHERRETT, Elizabeth182618B11
WHERRETT, Thomas184777B11
WHERRETT, Mary185981B11
WHERRETT, Ann188680B9
WHERRETT, Mary Amelia189879B9
WHITE, Florence Annie Elizabeth198077C129
WHITE, George Henry199088C129
WHITE, Stanley A.198567D55
WHITE, Morag200484D55
WHITE, Charles194283E107
WHITE, Elizabeth Ann193371E107
WHITE, Frances Hilda193444E107
WHITE 252 obv., Mabel Gertrude196372E107
WHITE 252 obv., Arthur Godfrey197583E107
WHITE?, ?182869D25
WHITEHOUSE, Dorothy200282F108
WHITTAKER, Barbara Inez199287C186
WHITTARD, William James188437D11
WHITTARD , Frances Mary193288D11
WHITTARD, James188437D11
WHITTARD, Frances193288D11
WHITTARD, William Richard King1873D11a
WHITTARD, Mabel191641D9
WHITTLE, Thomas185672C51
WHITTLE, Ann187878C51
WICKS, Esther17696?A16
WICKS, Ann17667?A16
WICKS, WilliamA16
WILCOX, Keith Stephen201162
WILCOX, Gilbert201292
WILCOX, Phyllis Maidia201292
WILES, Thomas1800A61
WILES, Jane180063?A61
WILKES, Dorothy Mary199175D67
WILKES, Harry194423E114
WILKES, F.T.195573E114
WILKES, Helen196168E114
WILKES, Ernest Henry191960E22
WILKES, Fanny92?E22
WILKS, Ruth Beatrice192129F31
WILKS, Wilfred19203F31
WILLIAMS, Graham Frank198554B76
WILLIAMS, Reginald199081D47
WILLIAMS, Phyllis199985D48
WILLIAMS, Godfrey Mostyn198568D54
WILLIAMS, Charles Edward194271E14
WILLIAMS, Annie Elizabeth195683E14
WILLIAMS, Alan Richard19334E175
WILLIAMS, Charles Richard198072E216
WILLIAMS, Daisy Evelyn200097E216
WILLIAMS, Frank1910F36
WILLIS, Beatrice Amy197269C168
WILLIS, Leslie Stewart198376C168
WILSON, Bob201175D26
WILSON, Mary200966D26
WINCHCOMBE, Mary (Molly?)175538?B1
WINCHCOMBE, Alice171560B1
WINCHCOMBE, Henry172374?B1
WINCHCOMBE?, NathanielB80
WINFIELD, Harry193949E49
WINFIELD, Elizabeth197077E49
WINNING, Jessie Maud200881C145
WINNING, TrevorC145
WINNING, MarshaC145
WINTER, Richard James189468B45
WINTER, Maria190072B45
WINTLE, Thomas172737C43
WINTLE, Anna172532C43
WINTLE, Zachariah1689C44
WINTLE, William1692C45
WINTLE, William1691C46
WINTLE, ZachariahC46
WOOD, John1854?B12
WOOD, Irene Mary200190C194
WOOD, William Boulton196984E88
WOOD, Olive Annie195763E88
WOOD, William Frederick200364E93
WOOD, William Oliver197359F117?
WOOD, Clara Amy194781F21
WOODHEAD, Millie201581
WORKMAN, Edward180452A7
WORKMAN, Hannah182673A7
WORKMAN, Thomas179246?A7
WORKMAN, Henry182025C87
WORKMAN, Elizabeth182539C87
WORKMAN, Charles Frederick183013C87
WORKMAN, Arabella183620C87
WORKMAN, George184160C87
WORKMAN, William187957C87
WORRALL, Jennifer199750D113
WRIGHT, Reuben Guy187218A18
WRIGHT, William Knight188876A18
WRIGHT, Reuben George18518wA18
WRIGHT, Hannah Jane18535wA18
WRIGHT, Elizabeth188443A18
WRIGHT, Hannah189984A18
WRIGHT, Frances Amy197292B28
WRIGHT, Ada Lizzie1933E31
WRIGHT, William Thomas193970E31
WRIGHT, Alfred Richard194171E58
WRIGHT, Alice Marsh193263E58
WRIGHT, Kathleen Mary Elizabeth192620E7
WRIGHT, WilliamE7

Surnames starting with 'Y'

YEATES, Margaret Sophia195582E94
YOUNG, Willie200079C150A
YOUNG, Phyllis200081C150A
YOUNG, Debbie200237C200

Surnames starting with '['