A Boy in Tetbury

by Frank Peters

Frank Peters began to recount the story of his life when he was ninety and died when he was ninety-five. He lived in Tetbury from his birth in 1905 until he moved to Yorkshire in 1930 and the early years are in the most detail. He tells of his family and friends; his school (Tetbury National); the shopkeepers in Tetbury; his employers; the churches and some of the large estates in the area. As he was a journeyman baker, he had greater mobility than most people at the time. After his work took him to Yorkshire, he still retained a great affection and interest in Tetbury and returned to visit at least twice a year His book does not pretend to be a completely accurate historical account, but tells Frank’s story in his own words and is very entertaining.

It is illustrated with photographs of people and places and contains references to 184 surnames, together with anecdotes about many people. You may find some surprising details about your ancestors! Many of us regret that we did not have the opportunity to ask our parents and grandparents about their early life. The family of Frank Peters feel very privileged.

The book is available from bookshops and from John Peters, The Woodcock Press, 8 Woodcock Lane, Stonehouse, Glos. GL10 2EE, cost £12.99, p&p free in Great Britain. Total price for Europe 20.00 euros, USA $20.00, Canada $33, Australia $40.00, New Zealand $45. ISBN 0-9542334-0-9

Index to Names in “A Boy in Tetbury” by Frank Peters
Abbott Apperton Baker Ball Barnes Barrett Beale Beard Benge Best Bignell Bird Boulton Box Braine Braybrooke Bristow Britton Brodie Broom Brown Butler Calcott Carrick Clancy Clark Cleaver Coldrick Compton Constable Cook Cooley Cox Crew Cull Dance Davis Day Dickens Drissell Eddels Elliott Eisey Evans Ewlands Fawkes Ford Fowler Fowles Fry Gale Gearing Gething Gillott Gipps Godwin Golightly Goodrich Goulding Hall Handoll Harding Harmer Harris Harvey Hayes Hearling Heath Heathcote Hedges Henry Herbert Herring Hills Hodges Holborow Holford Holland Horton Houghton Hudd Hudson Hussey Ives Jackson Jeffcutt Jenkins Jones Keevil Kidd Kitcat Lamb Lawn Lea Lewis Little Long Lowsley-Williams Mann Macdonald Maisey Major Mattick McCracken Medcroft Mellish Metcalfe Miller Milward Montgomery Morrison-Bell Munday Murray Newman Ormandy Parsons Paull Pay ton Peglar Pelly Peters Phillips Pike Pill Pitman Pockett Poole Pontin Preston Price Pride Pritchard Prosser Prout Pulley Purdue Purnell Rich Riddick Roseblade Ruddle Seal Scurr Selby Sharpe Sheppard Slade Smith Sparrow Spencer Spurling Street Tanner Taylor Thompson Topps Tovey Townsend Tugwell Underhill Upton Vaizey Vick Vizor Walker Walton Warne Warner Watts Webb Weare West Wheeler White Wickham Wilkins Williams Wills Wiltshire Witchell Wood Woodley Woolford Wright. Review & Index by Patricia Maybrey.