The Ancient Parishes of Gloucestershire and Bristol

The following table lists the ancient parish churches of Gloucestershire and Bristol, together with their dedication and the date of the earliest known register.

ParishDedicationEarliest RegisterNotes

AbenhallSt. Michael1597 
AbsonSt. James1687 
Acton TurvilleSt. Mary1665 
AdlestropSt. Mary Magdalene1538 
AlderleySt. Kenelm1557 
AldertonSt. Margaret1596 
AldsworthSt. Bartholomew1683Now St. Peter?
AlmondsburySt. Mary the Virgin1653 
AlstoneSt. Margaret1550See Teddington
AlvestonSt. Helen1742 
AlvingtonSt. Andrew1688 
AmberleyHoly Trinity1838 
Ampney CrucisHoly Cross1566 
Ampney St. MarySt. Mary1602 
Ampney St. PeterSt. Peter1599 
ArlinghamSt. Mary1539 
AshchurchSt. Nicholas1555 
AshleworthSt. Andrew1566Now St. Bartholomew
AshleySt. James1658 
Ashton GateSt. Francis1883 
Ashton Under HillSt. Martin & St. Barbara1596Worcestershire
Aston BlankSt. Andrew1727Alias Cold Aston
Aston MagnaSt. John the Evangelist1847 
Aston SomervilleSt. Mary1813Worcestershire
Aston Sub EdgeSt. Andrew1539 
AustDedication unknown1538 
AveningHoly Cross1557 
AwreSt. Andrew1538 
AylburtonSt. Mary1856 
BadgeworthHoly Trinity1553 
BagendonSt. Margaret1630 
BarnsleySt. Mary the Virgin1574 
BarnwoodSt. Lawrence1651 
BatsfordSt. Mary1562 
BauntonSt. Christopher1625 
BeachleySt. John1833 
BeckfordSt. John Baptist1549Worcestershire
BedminsterSt. John the Baptist1644 
BedminsterSt. Luke1861 
BedminsterSt. Paul1852 
BedminsterSt. Silas1867 
BerkeleySt. Mary1562 
BeverstoneSt. Mary1563 
BiburySt. Mary1551 
Bishop’s CleeveSt. Michael1563 
BishopstonSt. Michael and All Angels1858 
BisleyAll Saints1547With Lypiatt
BittonSt. Mary1571 
BlaisdonSt. Michael1635 
BlakeneyAll Saints1813 
BledingtonSt. Leonard1703 
BlockleySS. Peter & Paul1538 
BoddingtonSt. Mary Magdalen1652 
Bourton on the HillSt. Lawrence1568 
Bourton on the WaterSt. Lawrence1654 
BoxwellSt. Mary1548With Leighterton
BreamSt. James1752 
BrimpsfieldSt. Michael1587 
BrimscombeHoly Trinity1841 
BristolAll Saints1560City
BristolChristchurch1885Barton Hill
BristolEmmanuel1862St. Philip’s
BristolHoly Trinity1864Hotwells
BristolHoly Trinity1834St. Philip’s
BristolSt. Agnes1886 
BristolSt. Ambrose1880 
BristolSt. Andrew1845Montpelier
BristolSt. Anne1880Greenbank
BristolSt. Augustine the Less1577 
BristolSt. Barnabas1844 
BristolSt. Bartholomew1861 
BristolSt. Clement1855 
BristolSt. Ewen1538 
BristolSt. George1759 
BristolSt. George1832Brandon Hill
BristolSt. James1559 
BristolSt. John the Baptist1558City
BristolSt. Jude the Apostle1846 
BristolSt. Leonard1689 
BristolSt. Luke1844Barton Hill
BristolSt. Mary le Port Destroyed 1941. Transcripts only
BristolSt. Mary Redcliffe1559 
BristolSt. Mary the Virgin1874Tyndall’s Park
BristolSt. Matthew1873Moorfields
BristolSt. Matthias1852 
BristolSt. Michael and All Angels1886Windmill Hill
BristolSt Michael the Archangel1653City
BristolSt. Michael1849Two Mile Hill
BristolSt. Nicholas1538 
BristolSt. Paul1794Portland Square
BristolSt. Peter Destroyed 1941. Transcripts only
BristolSS. Philip and Jacob1576 
BristolSt. Saviour1882Redland
BristolSt. Simon1848 
BristolSt. Stephen1559City
BristolSt. Thomas1552 
BristolSt. Thomas the Apostle1889Eastville
BristolSt. Werburgh1558 
BristolTemple1558Or Holy Cross
BroadwellSt. Paul1539 
BrockworthSt. George1559 
BromsberrowSt. Mary1558 
BrookthorpeSt. Swithin1730 
BucklandSt. Michael1539 
BulleySt. Michael1673 
BussageSt. Michael and All Angels1848 
CainscrossSt. Matthew1837 
CamSt. George1569 
ChaceleySt. John the Baptist1539 
ChalfordChrist Church1841 
CharfieldSt. John1587 
Charlton AbbotsSt. Martin1727 
Charlton KingsSt. Mary1538 
Charlton KingsHoly Apostles1886 
ChedworthSt. Andrew1653 
CheltenhamAll Saints1868 
CheltenhamChriSt. Church1865 
CheltenhamHoly Trinity1881 
CheltenhamSt. James1874 
CheltenhamSt. John1865 
CheltenhamSt. Luke1854 
CheltenhamSt. Mark1862 
CheltenhamSt. Matthew1879 
CheltenhamSt. Mary1558 
CheltenhamSt. Paul1846 
CheltenhamSt. Peter1849 
CheltenhamSt. Stephen1883 
CherringtonSt. Nicholas1567 
ChildswickhamSt. Mary1609Worcestershire
Chipping CampdenSt. James1616 
Chipping SodburySt. John Baptist1661 
ChurchamSt. Andrew1541 
ChurchdownSt. Bartholomew1563 
CinderfordSt. John1843 
CirencesterSt. John Baptist1560 
CirencesterHoly Trinity1910 
ClaptonSt. James1873 
ClearwellSt. James1873 
ClearwellSt. Peter1830 
Clifford ChambersSt. Helen  
CliftonAll Saints1868 
CliftonSt. Andrew1538Church destroyed
CliftonSt. John the Evangelist1841 
CliftonSt. Paul1859 
CoaleySt. Bartholomew1582 
Coalpit HeathSt. Saviour1845 
CoatesSt. Matthew1566 
CoberleySt. Giles1539 
Cold AshtonHoly Trinity1734 
ColefordSt. John1768 
ColesbourneSt. James1632 
Coln RogersSt. Andrew1755 
Coln St. AldwynsSt. John the Baptist1650 
Coln St. DenisSt. Dennis1561 
Compton AbdaleSt. Oswald1720 
Compton GreenfieldAll Saints1583 
CondicoteSt. Nicholas1688 
CorseSt. Margaret1661 
CowleySt. Mary1676 
CranhamSt. James1666 
CromhallSt. Andrew1653 
CutsdeanSt. James1696 
DaglingworthHoly Rood1561 
DaylesfordSt. Peter1679 
Dean MagnaSt. Michael  
Dean ParvaSt. Ethelbert  
DeerhurstHoly Trinity and St. Mary1559 
DidbrookSt. George1558 
DidmartonSt. Lawrence1675 
DodingtonSt. Mary1575 
DorsingtonSt. Peter  
DowdeswellSt. Michael1597 
Down AmpneyAll Saints1603 
DownendChrist Church1832 
Down HatherleySt. Mary and Corpus Christi1563 
DoyntonHoly Trinity1566 
DriffieldSt. Mary1561 
DrybrookHoly Trinity1817 
DumbletonSt. Peter1738 
Duntisborne AbbotsSt. Peter1683 
Duntisborne RousSt. Michael1545 
DursleySt. James1639 
DymockSt. Mary1538 
DyrhamSt. Peter1568 
EastingtonSt. Michael1558Near Stonehouse
EastingtonNo church With Northleach
Eastleach MartinSt. Mary1538 
Eastleach TurvilleSt. Andrew1654 
EastonSt. Gabriel1870 
EastonSt. Lawrence1885 
EastonSt. Mark1848 
EbringtonSt. Ethelburga1568 
EdgeSt. John the Baptist1865 
EdgeworthSt. Mary1556 
ElbertonSt. John the Evangelist1763 
ElkstoneSt. John Evangelist1592 
ElmoreSt. John1560 
Elmstone HardwickeSt. Mary Magdalene1564 
English BicknorSt. Mary1561 
EvenlodeSt. Edward1604 
Eyford Church has gone. No records
FairfordSt. Mary1617 
FalfieldSt. George1814 
FarmingtonSt. Peter1613 
FiltonSt. peter1654 
FishpondsAll Saints1880 
FishpondsSt. John1880 
FishpondsSt. Mary1830 
FlaxleySt. Mary1562 
ForthamptonSt. Mary1678 
FramilodeSt. Peter1854 
Frampton CotterellSS. Peter and Paul1561 
Frampton on SevernSt. Mary1625 
France LynchSt. John the Baptist1857 
FrenchaySt. John the Baptist1834 
FretherneSt. Mary the Virgin1631 
FrocesterSt. Andrew1559 
GloucesterAll Saints1875 
GloucesterHoly Trinity1557 
GloucesterLittleworth Formerly extra parochial
GloucesterSt. Aldate1572 
GloucesterSt. Catherine1687 
GloucesterSt. James1843 
GloucesterSt. John the Baptist1559 
GloucesterSt. Margaret With St Mary Magdalene
GloucesterSt. Mark1847 
GloucesterSt. Mary de Crypt1653 
GloucesterSt. Mary de Grace With St Michael
GloucesterSt. Mary de Lode1656 
GloucesterSt. Mary Magdalene1790 
GloucesterSt. Michael1563 
GloucesterSt. Nicholas1558 
GloucesterSt. Owen With St Mary de Crypt
GloucesterSt. Paul1883 
GorsleyChrist Church1882With Cliffords Mesne
Gotherington With Bishop’s Cleeve
Great BadmintonSt. Michael1538 
Great BarringtonSt. Mary1547 
Great RissingtonSt. John the Baptist1538 
Great WashbourneSt. Mary1757 
Great WitcombeSt. Mary1749 
Guiting PowerSt. Michael1560 
Hailes See Didbrook
Ham See Berkeley and Stone
HampnettSt. George1591 
HardwickeSt. Nicholas1566 
HarescombeSt. John the Baptist1744Transcripts
HaresfieldSt. Peter1558 
HarnhillSt. Michael1730 
HartpurySt. Mary1571 
HasfieldSt. Mary1559 
HatheropSt. Nicholas1670 
HawkesburySt. Mary1603 
HawlingSt. Edward1677 
HazletonSt. Andrew1597 
HempsteadSt. Swithin1558 
HenburySt. Mary the Virgin See Henbury
HenburySt. Mary the Virgin1582 
HewelsfieldSt. Mary Magdalene1664 
HighnamHoly Innocents1851 
HillSt. Michael1653 
HillesleySt. Giles1851 
HintonSt. Peter See Dyrham
HorfieldHoly Trinity1543 
HorfieldHoly Trinity1543 
HorsleySt. Martin1590 
HortonSt. James1567 
HucclecoteSS. Phillip & James1851 
HuntleySt. John the Baptist1679 
HydeNo church See Didbrook
IcombSt. Mary1545 
Iron ActonSt. James the Less1570 
KembleAll Saints1679 
KempleySt. Mary1663 
KempsfordSt. Mary1573 
Kings StanleySt. George1573 
KingscoteSt. John the Evangelist1651 
KingsdownSt. Matthew1870 
KingswoodHoly Trinity1598Near Wotton under Edge
KingswoodHoly Trinity1822Near Bristol
KnowleHoly Nativity1883 
LancautSt. James No records found
LashboroughSt. Mary1827 
LassingtonSt. Oswald1655 
LeaSt. John Baptist  
LechladeSt. Lawrence1686 
LeckhamptonSt. Peter1709 
LeckhamptonSS. Philip & James1863 
Leigh, TheSt. Catherine1569 
Leighterton See Boxwell
LemingtonSt. Leonard1685 
Leonard StanleySt. Swithin1575 
Little BarringtonSt. Peter1682 
Little RissingtonSt. Peter1543 
Little SodburySt. Adeline1703 
Little WashbourneSt. Mary See Dumbleton & Teddington
LittledeanSt. Ethelbert1684 
Littleton on SevernSt. Mary of Malmesbury1701 
Long NewntonHoly Trinity1648Now in Wiltshire
LongboroughSt. James1676 
Longford No records
LonghopeAll Saints1742 
LongneySt. Lawrence1660 
Lower CamSt. Bartholomew1888 
Lower Lemington See Lemington
Lower SlaughterSt. Mary1814 
Lower SwellSt. Mary1685 
LydbrookHoly Jesus1852 
LydneySt. Mary1678 
MaisemoreSt. Giles1600 
MaiseyhamptonSt. Mary1570 
MangotsfieldSt. James1579 
MarshfieldSt. Mary the Virgin1558 
Marston MayseySt. James  
Marston SiccaSt. James  
MatsonSt. Katherine1553 
MaugersburyNo church No records found
MickletonSt. Lawrence1590 
MinchinhamptonHoly Trinity1561 
MinsterworthSt. Peter1633 
MiserdenSt. Andrew1574 
MitcheldeanSt. Michael1680 
Moreton ValenceSt. Stephen1681 
Morton in MarshSt. David1643 
NailsworthSt. George1794 
NauntonSt. Andrew1540 
NewentSt. Mary the Virgin1672 
Newington BagpathSt. Bartholomew1686 
NewlandAll Saints1560 
NewnhamSt. Peter1547 
North CerneyAll Saints1568 
North NibleySt. Martin1567 
NorthleachSS. Peter and Paul1556With Eastington
NortonSt. Mary1686 
NotgroveSt. Bartholomew1660 
NympsfieldSt. Bartholomew1684 
OakridgeSt. Bartholomew1844 
OddingtonSt. Nicholas1676 
Old SodburySt. John Baptist1684 
Oldbury on SevernSt. Arild1538 
Oldbury on the HillSt. Arild1567 
OldlandSt. Anne1731 
OlvestonSt. Mary the Virgin1561 
OwlpenHoly Cross1687 
OxenhallSt. Anne1665 
OxentonSt. John the Baptist1678 
OzleworthSt. Nicholas1698 
PainswickSt. Mary1547 
ParkendSt. Paul1822 
PauntleySt. John the Evangelist1538 
PebworthSt. Peter  
PinnockNo church See Didbrook
PitchcombeSt. John the Baptist1709 
Poole KeynesSt. Michael1632 
PoultonSt. Michael1695 
Prescott No records
PrestburySt. Mary1633 
PrestonAll Saints1677Near Cirencester
PrestonSt. John the Baptist1671Near Ledbury
Preston on StourSt. Mary  
PucklechurchSt. Thomas a Becket1590 
QuedgeleySt. James1559 
QueningtonSt. Swithin1653 
QuintonSt. Swithin  
RandwickSt. John1662 
RangeworthyHoly Trinity1704 
Redmarley D’AbitotSt. Bartholomew1539 
Redwick and NorthwickSt. Thomas1667 
RendcombeSt. Peter1566 
RockhamptonSt. Oswald1565 
RodboroughSt. Mary Magdalene1692 
RodmartonSt. Peter1605 
RoelNo church Church demolished. See Hawling
RuardeanSt. John the Baptist1538 
RudfordSt. Mary1729 
Saint BriavelsSt. Mary1664 
SaintburySt. Nicholas1561 
SalpertonAll Saints1629 
SandhurstSt. Lawrence1538 
SappertonSt. Kenelme1661 
SaulSt. James1583 
SelsleyAll Saints1863 
SevenhamptonSt. Andrew1588 
SezincoteSt. Bartholomew No records
SheepscombeSt. John1821 
SheningtonHoly Trinity Now in Oxfordshire
SherborneSt. Mary Magdalen1572 
Shipton MoyneSt. John the Baptist1570 
Shipton OliffeSt. Oswald1666 
Shipton SollersSt. Mary the Virgin1653 
ShirehamptonSt. Mary1727 
ShirehamptonSt. Mary1727 
ShorncoteAll Saints1708 
ShurdingtonSt. Paul1556 
SiddingtonSt. Peter1686 
SistonSt. Anne1570 
Slad, TheHoly Trinity1834 
SlimbridgeSt. John the Evangelist1635 
SnowshillSt. Barnabus1732 
Somerford KeynesAll Saints1560 
South CerneyAll Saints1538 
Southam See Bishop’s Cleeve
SouthropSt. Peter1680 
StandishSt. Nicholas1559 
Stanley PontlargeDedication unknown See Toddington
StantonSt. Michael1735 
StanwaySt. Peter1573 
StapletonHoly Trinity1720 
StauntonAll Saints1653Near Coleford
StauntonSt. James1559Near Ledbury
StavertonSt. Catherine1538 
StinchombeSt. Cyr1582 
Stoke BishopSt. Mary Magdalen1860 
Stoke GiffordSt. Michael1556 
Stoke OrchardSt. James the Apostle See Bishop’s Cleeve
StoneAll Saints1594 
StonehouseSt. Cyr1558 
Stow on the WoldSt. Edward1558 
StowellSt. Leonard See Hampnett
StrattonSt. Peter1600 
StroudSt. Lawrence1624 
StroudHoly Trinity1879 
SudeleySt. Mary1705 
Sutton under BrailesSt. Thomas Becket  
SwindonSt. Lawrence1606 
SydeSt. Mary1686 
TayntonSt. Lawrence1538 
TeddingtonSt. Nicholas1560 
Temple GuitingSt. Mary1647 
TetburySt. Mary Magdalen1631 
TewkesburySt. Mary1559 
TewkesburyHoly Trinity1849 
ThornburySt. Mary1550 
TibbertonHoly Trinity1661 
TidenhamSt. Mary1708 
TirleySt. Michael1653 
ToddingtonSt. Leonard1652 
TodenhamSt. Thomas a Becket1721 
TormartonSt. Mary1679With West Littleton
TortworthSt. Leonard1592 
TredingtonSt. John the Baptist1550 
Tuffley See Gloucester
TurkdeanAll Saints1572 
TwigworthSt. Matthew1844 
TwyningSt. Mary Magdalen1648 
TytheringtonSt. James1662 
UckingtonNo church See Elmstone Hardwicke
UleySt. Giles1668 
UpleadonSt. Mary1538 
Upper SlaughterSt. Peter1538 
Upper SwellSt. Mary1543 
Upton St. LeonardsSt. Leonard1646 
Viney HillAll Saints1867 
Walton CardiffSt. James1677Church demolished
WapleySt. Peter1662With Codrington
WarmleySt. Barnabas1851 
West Littleton See Tormarton
Westbury on SevernSS. Peter & Paul1538 
Westbury on TrymHoly Trinity1559 
WestcoteSt. Mary1630 
WesterleighSt. James the Great1693 
Weston on AvonAll Saints  
Weston Sub EdgeSt. Lawrence1654 
WestonbirtSt. Catherine1598With Lasborough
WhaddonSt. Margaret1674 
WheatenhurstSt. Andrew1538Or Whitminster
WhiteshillSt. Paul1845 
WhittingtonSt. Bartholomew1539 
WickSt. Bartholomew1880 
WickwarHoly Trinity1689 
WidfordSt. Oswald  
WillerseySt. Peter1721 
WinchcombeSt. Peter1539 
WindrushSt. Peter1586 
WinsonSt. Michael1577 
WinstoneSt. Bartholomew1540 
WinterbourneSt. Michael1600 
Winterbourne DownsAll Saints1858 
WithingtonSt. Michael1609 
WoodchesterSt. Mary1563 
Woodmancote See Bishop’s Cleeve
WoolastonSt. Andrew1688 
WoolstoneSt. Martin1719 
WormingtonHoly Trinity  
Wotton St. Mary See Gloucester
Wotton Under EdgeSt. Mary1571 
Wyck RissingtonSt. Lawrence1739 
YanworthSt. Andrew1695 
YateSt. Mary1660