Parish Registers

Dedications of the Parish Churches of Gloucestershire and Bristol

Parish Dedication Earliest Register Notes

Abenhall St. Michael 1597
Abson St. James 1687
Acton Turville St. Mary 1665
Adlestrop St. Mary Magdalene 1538
Alderley St. Kenelm 1557
Alderton St. Margaret 1596
Aldsworth St. Bartholomew 1683 Now St. Peter?
Almondsbury St. Mary the Virgin 1653
Alstone St. Margaret 1550 See Teddington
Alveston St. Helen 1742
Alvington St. Andrew 1688
Amberley Holy Trinity 1838
Ampney Crucis Holy Cross 1566
Ampney St. Mary St. Mary 1602
Ampney St. Peter St. Peter 1599
Arlingham St. Mary 1539
Ashchurch St. Nicholas 1555
Ashleworth St. Andrew 1566 Now St. Bartholomew
Ashley St. James 1658
Ashton Gate St. Francis 1883
Ashton Under Hill St. Martin & St. Barbara 1596 Worcestershire
Aston Blank St. Andrew 1727 Alias Cold Aston
Aston Magna St. John the Evangelist 1847
Aston Somerville St. Mary 1813 Worcestershire
Aston Sub Edge St. Andrew 1539
Aust Dedication unknown 1538
Avening Holy Cross 1557
Awre St. Andrew 1538
Aylburton St. Mary 1856
Badgeworth Holy Trinity 1553
Bagendon St. Margaret 1630
Barnsley St. Mary the Virgin 1574
Barnwood St. Lawrence 1651
Batsford St. Mary 1562
Baunton St. Christopher 1625
Beachley St. John 1833
Beckford St. John Baptist 1549 Worcestershire
Bedminster St. John the Baptist 1644
Bedminster St. Luke 1861
Bedminster St. Paul 1852
Bedminster St. Silas 1867
Berkeley St. Mary 1562
Beverstone St. Mary 1563
Bibury St. Mary 1551
Bishop’s Cleeve St. Michael 1563
Bishopston St. Michael and All Angels 1858
Bisley All Saints 1547 With Lypiatt
Bitton St. Mary 1571
Blaisdon St. Michael 1635
Blakeney All Saints 1813
Bledington St. Leonard 1703
Blockley SS. Peter & Paul 1538
Boddington St. Mary Magdalen 1652
Bourton on the Hill St. Lawrence 1568
Bourton on the Water St. Lawrence 1654
Boxwell St. Mary 1548 With Leighterton
Bream St. James 1752
Brimpsfield St. Michael 1587
Brimscombe Holy Trinity 1841
Bristol All Saints 1560 City
Bristol Christchurch 1885 Barton Hill
Bristol Christchurch 1538 City
Bristol Emmanuel 1862 St. Philip’s
Bristol Holy Trinity 1864 Hotwells
Bristol Holy Trinity 1834 St. Philip’s
Bristol St. Agnes 1886
Bristol St. Ambrose 1880
Bristol St. Andrew 1845 Montpelier
Bristol St. Anne 1880 Greenbank
Bristol St. Augustine the Less 1577
Bristol St. Barnabas 1844
Bristol St. Bartholomew 1861
Bristol St. Clement 1855
Bristol St. Ewen 1538
Bristol St. George 1759
Bristol St. George 1832 Brandon Hill
Bristol St. James 1559
Bristol St. John the Baptist 1558 City
Bristol St. Jude the Apostle 1846
Bristol St. Leonard 1689
Bristol St. Luke 1844 Barton Hill
Bristol St. Mary le Port Destroyed 1941. Transcripts only
Bristol St. Mary Redcliffe 1559
Bristol St. Mary the Virgin 1874 Tyndall’s Park
Bristol St. Matthew 1873 Moorfields
Bristol St. Matthias 1852
Bristol St. Michael and All Angels 1886 Windmill Hill
Bristol St Michael the Archangel 1653 City
Bristol St. Michael 1849 Two Mile Hill
Bristol St. Nicholas 1538
Bristol St. Paul 1794 Portland Square
Bristol St. Peter Destroyed 1941. Transcripts only
Bristol SS. Philip and Jacob 1576
Bristol St. Saviour 1882 Redland
Bristol St. Simon 1848
Bristol St. Stephen 1559 City
Bristol St. Thomas 1552
Bristol St. Thomas the Apostle 1889 Eastville
Bristol St. Werburgh 1558
Bristol Temple 1558 Or Holy Cross
Broadwell St. Paul 1539
Brockworth St. George 1559
Bromsberrow St. Mary 1558
Brookthorpe St. Swithin 1730
Buckland St. Michael 1539
Bulley St. Michael 1673
Bussage St. Michael and All Angels 1848
Cainscross St. Matthew 1837
Cam St. George 1569
Chaceley St. John the Baptist 1539
Chalford Christ Church 1841
Charfield St. John 1587
Charlton Abbots St. Martin 1727
Charlton Kings St. Mary 1538
Charlton Kings Holy Apostles 1886
Chedworth St. Andrew 1653
Cheltenham All Saints 1868
Cheltenham ChriSt. Church 1865
Cheltenham Holy Trinity 1881
Cheltenham St. James 1874
Cheltenham St. John 1865
Cheltenham St. Luke 1854
Cheltenham St. Mark 1862
Cheltenham St. Matthew 1879
Cheltenham St. Mary 1558
Cheltenham St. Paul 1846
Cheltenham St. Peter 1849
Cheltenham St. Stephen 1883
Cherrington St. Nicholas 1567
Childswickham St. Mary 1609 Worcestershire
Chipping Campden St. James 1616
Chipping Sodbury St. John Baptist 1661
Christchurch Christchurch 1814
Churcham St. Andrew 1541
Churchdown St. Bartholomew 1563
Cinderford St. John 1843
Cirencester St. John Baptist 1560
Cirencester Holy Trinity 1910
Clapton St. James 1873
Clearwell St. James 1873
Clearwell St. Peter 1830
Clifford Chambers St. Helen
Clifton All Saints 1868
Clifton Christchurch 1844
Clifton Emmanuel 1869
Clifton St. Andrew 1538 Church destroyed
Clifton St. John the Evangelist 1841
Clifton St. Paul 1859
Coaley St. Bartholomew 1582
Coalpit Heath St. Saviour 1845
Coates St. Matthew 1566
Coberley St. Giles 1539
Cold Ashton Holy Trinity 1734
Coleford St. John 1768
Colesbourne St. James 1632
Coln Rogers St. Andrew 1755
Coln St. Aldwyns St. John the Baptist 1650
Coln St. Denis St. Dennis 1561
Compton Abdale St. Oswald 1720
Compton Greenfield All Saints 1583
Condicote St. Nicholas 1688
Corse St. Margaret 1661
Cowley St. Mary 1676
Cranham St. James 1666
Cromhall St. Andrew 1653
Cutsdean St. James 1696
Daglingworth Holy Rood 1561
Daylesford St. Peter 1679
Dean Magna St. Michael
Dean Parva St. Ethelbert
Deerhurst Holy Trinity and St. Mary 1559
Didbrook St. George 1558
Didmarton St. Lawrence 1675
Dodington St. Mary 1575
Dorsington St. Peter
Dowdeswell St. Michael 1597
Down Ampney All Saints 1603
Downend Christ Church 1832
Down Hatherley St. Mary and Corpus Christi 1563
Doynton Holy Trinity 1566
Driffield St. Mary 1561
Drybrook Holy Trinity 1817
Dumbleton St. Peter 1738
Duntisborne Abbots St. Peter 1683
Duntisborne Rous St. Michael 1545
Dursley St. James 1639
Dymock St. Mary 1538
Dyrham St. Peter 1568
Eastington St. Michael 1558 Near Stonehouse
Eastington No church With Northleach
Eastleach Martin St. Mary 1538
Eastleach Turville St. Andrew 1654
Easton St. Gabriel 1870
Easton St. Lawrence 1885
Easton St. Mark 1848
Ebrington St. Ethelburga 1568
Edge St. John the Baptist 1865
Edgeworth St. Mary 1556
Elberton St. John the Evangelist 1763
Elkstone St. John Evangelist 1592
Elmore St. John 1560
Elmstone Hardwicke St. Mary Magdalene 1564
English Bicknor St. Mary 1561
Evenlode St. Edward 1604
Eyford Church has gone. No records
Fairford St. Mary 1617
Falfield St. George 1814
Farmington St. Peter 1613
Filton St. peter 1654
Fishponds All Saints 1880
Fishponds St. John 1880
Fishponds St. Mary 1830
Flaxley St. Mary 1562
Forthampton St. Mary 1678
Framilode St. Peter 1854
Frampton Cotterell SS. Peter and Paul 1561
Frampton on Severn St. Mary 1625
France Lynch St. John the Baptist 1857
Frenchay St. John the Baptist 1834
Fretherne St. Mary the Virgin 1631
Frocester St. Andrew 1559
Gloucester All Saints 1875
Gloucester Cathedral 1661
Gloucester Christchurch 1841
Gloucester Holy Trinity 1557
Gloucester Littleworth Formerly extra parochial
Gloucester St. Aldate 1572
Gloucester St. Catherine 1687
Gloucester St. James 1843
Gloucester St. John the Baptist 1559
Gloucester St. Margaret With St Mary Magdalene
Gloucester St. Mark 1847
Gloucester St. Mary de Crypt 1653
Gloucester St. Mary de Grace With St Michael
Gloucester St. Mary de Lode 1656
Gloucester St. Mary Magdalene 1790
Gloucester St. Michael 1563
Gloucester St. Nicholas 1558
Gloucester St. Owen With St Mary de Crypt
Gloucester St. Paul 1883
Gorsley Christ Church 1882 With Cliffords Mesne
Gotherington With Bishop’s Cleeve
Great Badminton St. Michael 1538
Great Barrington St. Mary 1547
Great Rissington St. John the Baptist 1538
Great Washbourne St. Mary 1757
Great Witcombe St. Mary 1749
Guiting Power St. Michael 1560
Hailes See Didbrook
Ham See Berkeley and Stone
Hampnett St. George 1591
Hanham Christchurch 1584
Hardwicke St. Nicholas 1566
Harescombe St. John the Baptist 1744 Transcripts
Haresfield St. Peter 1558
Harnhill St. Michael 1730
Hartpury St. Mary 1571
Hasfield St. Mary 1559
Hatherop St. Nicholas 1670
Hawkesbury St. Mary 1603
Hawling St. Edward 1677
Hazleton St. Andrew 1597
Hempstead St. Swithin 1558
Henbury St. Mary the Virgin See Henbury
Henbury St. Mary the Virgin 1582
Hewelsfield St. Mary Magdalene 1664
Highnam Holy Innocents 1851
Hill St. Michael 1653
Hillesley St. Giles 1851
Hinton St. Peter See Dyrham
Horfield Holy Trinity 1543
Horfield Holy Trinity 1543
Horsley St. Martin 1590
Horton St. James 1567
Hucclecote SS. Phillip & James 1851
Huntley St. John the Baptist 1679
Hyde No church See Didbrook
Icomb St. Mary 1545
Iron Acton St. James the Less 1570
Kemble All Saints 1679
Kempley St. Mary 1663
Kempsford St. Mary 1573
Kings Stanley St. George 1573
Kingscote St. John the Evangelist 1651
Kingsdown St. Matthew 1870
Kingswood Holy Trinity 1598 Near Wotton under Edge
Kingswood Holy Trinity 1822 Near Bristol
Knowle Holy Nativity 1883
Lancaut St. James No records found
Lashborough St. Mary 1827
Lassington St. Oswald 1655
Lea St. John Baptist
Lechlade St. Lawrence 1686
Leckhampton St. Peter 1709
Leckhampton SS. Philip & James 1863
Leigh, The St. Catherine 1569
Leighterton See Boxwell
Lemington St. Leonard 1685
Leonard Stanley St. Swithin 1575
Little Barrington St. Peter 1682
Little Rissington St. Peter 1543
Little Sodbury St. Adeline 1703
Little Washbourne St. Mary See Dumbleton & Teddington
Littledean St. Ethelbert 1684
Littleton on Severn St. Mary of Malmesbury 1701
Long Newnton Holy Trinity 1648 Now in Wiltshire
Longborough St. James 1676
Longford No records
Longhope All Saints 1742
Longney St. Lawrence 1660
Lower Cam St. Bartholomew 1888
Lower Lemington See Lemington
Lower Slaughter St. Mary 1814
Lower Swell St. Mary 1685
Lydbrook Holy Jesus 1852
Lydney St. Mary 1678
Maisemore St. Giles 1600
Maiseyhampton St. Mary 1570
Mangotsfield St. James 1579
Marshfield St. Mary the Virgin 1558
Marston Maysey St. James
Marston Sicca St. James
Matson St. Katherine 1553
Maugersbury No church No records found
Mickleton St. Lawrence 1590
Minchinhampton Holy Trinity 1561
Minsterworth St. Peter 1633
Miserden St. Andrew 1574
Mitcheldean St. Michael 1680
Moreton Valence St. Stephen 1681
Morton in Marsh St. David 1643
Nailsworth St. George 1794
Naunton St. Andrew 1540
Newent St. Mary the Virgin 1672
Newington Bagpath St. Bartholomew 1686
Newland All Saints 1560
Newnham St. Peter 1547
North Cerney All Saints 1568
North Nibley St. Martin 1567
Northleach SS. Peter and Paul 1556 With Eastington
Norton St. Mary 1686
Notgrove St. Bartholomew 1660
Nympsfield St. Bartholomew 1684
Oakridge St. Bartholomew 1844
Oddington St. Nicholas 1676
Old Sodbury St. John Baptist 1684
Oldbury on Severn St. Arild 1538
Oldbury on the Hill St. Arild 1567
Oldland St. Anne 1731
Olveston St. Mary the Virgin 1561
Owlpen Holy Cross 1687
Oxenhall St. Anne 1665
Oxenton St. John the Baptist 1678
Ozleworth St. Nicholas 1698
Painswick St. Mary 1547
Parkend St. Paul 1822
Pauntley St. John the Evangelist 1538
Pebworth St. Peter
Pinnock No church See Didbrook
Pitchcombe St. John the Baptist 1709
Poole Keynes St. Michael 1632
Poulton St. Michael 1695
Prescott No records
Prestbury St. Mary 1633
Preston All Saints 1677 Near Cirencester
Preston St. John the Baptist 1671 Near Ledbury
Preston on Stour St. Mary
Pucklechurch St. Thomas a Becket 1590
Quedgeley St. James 1559
Quenington St. Swithin 1653
Quinton St. Swithin
Randwick St. John 1662
Rangeworthy Holy Trinity 1704
Redmarley D’Abitot St. Bartholomew 1539
Redwick and Northwick St. Thomas 1667
Rendcombe St. Peter 1566
Rockhampton St. Oswald 1565
Rodborough St. Mary Magdalene 1692
Rodmarton St. Peter 1605
Roel No church Church demolished. See Hawling
Ruardean St. John the Baptist 1538
Rudford St. Mary 1729
Saint Briavels St. Mary 1664
Saintbury St. Nicholas 1561
Salperton All Saints 1629
Sandhurst St. Lawrence 1538
Sapperton St. Kenelme 1661
Saul St. James 1583
Selsley All Saints 1863
Sevenhampton St. Andrew 1588
Sezincote St. Bartholomew No records
Sheepscombe St. John 1821
Shenington Holy Trinity Now in Oxfordshire
Sherborne St. Mary Magdalen 1572
Shipton Moyne St. John the Baptist 1570
Shipton Oliffe St. Oswald 1666
Shipton Sollers St. Mary the Virgin 1653
Shirehampton St. Mary 1727
Shirehampton St. Mary 1727
Shorncote All Saints 1708
Shurdington St. Paul 1556
Siddington St. Peter 1686
Siston St. Anne 1570
Slad, The Holy Trinity 1834
Slimbridge St. John the Evangelist 1635
Snowshill St. Barnabus 1732
Somerford Keynes All Saints 1560
South Cerney All Saints 1538
Southam See Bishop’s Cleeve
Southrop St. Peter 1680
Standish St. Nicholas 1559
Stanley Pontlarge Dedication unknown See Toddington
Stanton St. Michael 1735
Stanway St. Peter 1573
Stapleton Holy Trinity 1720
Staunton All Saints 1653 Near Coleford
Staunton St. James 1559 Near Ledbury
Staverton St. Catherine 1538
Stinchombe St. Cyr 1582
Stoke Bishop St. Mary Magdalen 1860
Stoke Gifford St. Michael 1556
Stoke Orchard St. James the Apostle See Bishop’s Cleeve
Stone All Saints 1594
Stonehouse St. Cyr 1558
Stow on the Wold St. Edward 1558
Stowell St. Leonard See Hampnett
Stratton St. Peter 1600
Stroud St. Lawrence 1624
Stroud Holy Trinity 1879
Sudeley St. Mary 1705
Sutton under Brailes St. Thomas Becket
Swindon St. Lawrence 1606
Syde St. Mary 1686
Taynton St. Lawrence 1538
Teddington St. Nicholas 1560
Temple Guiting St. Mary 1647
Tetbury St. Mary Magdalen 1631
Tewkesbury St. Mary 1559
Tewkesbury Holy Trinity 1849
Thornbury St. Mary 1550
Tibberton Holy Trinity 1661
Tidenham St. Mary 1708
Tirley St. Michael 1653
Toddington St. Leonard 1652
Todenham St. Thomas a Becket 1721
Tormarton St. Mary 1679 With West Littleton
Tortworth St. Leonard 1592
Tredington St. John the Baptist 1550
Tresham 1841
Tuffley See Gloucester
Turkdean All Saints 1572
Twigworth St. Matthew 1844
Twyning St. Mary Magdalen 1648
Tytherington St. James 1662
Uckington No church See Elmstone Hardwicke
Uley St. Giles 1668
Upleadon St. Mary 1538
Upper Slaughter St. Peter 1538
Upper Swell St. Mary 1543
Upton St. Leonards St. Leonard 1646
Viney Hill All Saints 1867
Walton Cardiff St. James 1677 Church demolished
Wapley St. Peter 1662 With Codrington
Warmley St. Barnabas 1851
Welford Trinity
West Littleton See Tormarton
Westbury on Severn SS. Peter & Paul 1538
Westbury on Trym Holy Trinity 1559
Westcote St. Mary 1630
Westerleigh St. James the Great 1693
Weston on Avon All Saints
Weston Sub Edge St. Lawrence 1654
Westonbirt St. Catherine 1598 With Lasborough
Whaddon St. Margaret 1674
Wheatenhurst St. Andrew 1538 Or Whitminster
Whiteshill St. Paul 1845
Whittington St. Bartholomew 1539
Wick St. Bartholomew 1880
Wickwar Holy Trinity 1689
Widford St. Oswald
Willersey St. Peter 1721
Winchcombe St. Peter 1539
Windrush St. Peter 1586
Winson St. Michael 1577
Winstone St. Bartholomew 1540
Winterbourne St. Michael 1600
Winterbourne Downs All Saints 1858
Withington St. Michael 1609
Woodchester St. Mary 1563
Woodmancote See Bishop’s Cleeve
Woolaston St. Andrew 1688
Woolstone St. Martin 1719
Wormington Holy Trinity
Wotton St. Mary See Gloucester
Wotton Under Edge St. Mary 1571
Wyck Rissington St. Lawrence 1739
Yanworth St. Andrew 1695
Yate St. Mary 1660

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