Inclosure Award

I am in the process of transcribing the Inclosure Award for Badgeworth and Shurdington. If you are seeking the lands that belonged to your ancestors, you may find some clues here. Only the landowners seem to be mentioned. With the section I am transcribing at the moment, that includes Joseph Ellis Viner, William Edwards Lawrence, William Henry Hyett and Joseph Sadler. The transcript accompanies maps of the area.  The final version will be put on the computers at Gloucestershire Archives – many Inclosure Awards have already been installed there.

1 thought on “Inclosure Award

  1. Liz – I am transcribing the Badgeworth parish registers for FreeREG and I wondered if you had come across the sad burial entry for Margaret Pemberton. It reads:buried in the Lane as Leats toward Cheltenham in the first turn beyond Mr Randals. She poisoned herself in order to destroy her child as she was breeding with. Certified by me Thomas Bullock Clark of Badgeworth and Shurdington. I have no idea where this might be or if she is still there. Could be a nasty shock for someone.

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